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SMRT LED+ | X5E [Extender] 36"

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SMRT LED+ X5E 36" eXtender 

  • 36in - eXtender module 5v (3ft total length)
  • Consist of: 1 power injector Module | 5 Extender Module
  • 1 - 36in - Aluminum Rail
  • 2 - 36in - Aluminum Reflective bars
  • 8in magnetic dongle (sold separately)
  • 14 Watts
  • 5000 Lumes
  • First X5P has to snap into X5E (requires X5P primary) with 8" or 10" dongles

Add additional X5E strips to increase the length and coverage area!

✅ Quickly Extend the Length by additional X5E

Our SMRT LED+ X5E lights magnetically snap together and can easily extend in 36" or 36" increments by adding on extender packs with our magnetic dongle. [sold separately]  

✅ Easy Installation

The SMRT LED+ lights have a toolless install and are ideal for vertical and horizontal lighting. Arrives fully assembled and ready for use on your indoor farm. The X5P/XPE is also safe as ambient light that can be used to approach the dark areas in your home & office.

✅ Combining Lighting & Technology

The X5P is engineered to bring maximum luminosity on low-voltage power. Giving indoor farming a cost-saving advantage. Delivering 5000 Lumens on 14W of power and allowing full control of the visible color spectrum without the heat of a ballast. Software [sold separately] for better quadrant scale lighting power management & App Grid management control. Operate your lights on battery backup during those off-grid off-peak hours. Go back on the grid after 2 hrs and recharge back up.

✅ Energy Saving & Reliable

The SMRT LED+ lights come with a 5-year warranty. Just return for a new replacement. SMRT LED+ powered by GR8-TEK delivers you full off-grid growing independence and saving you money. Never be left in the dark or worry if your lights are cut off. Stay on with our SMRT LED PDU rechargeable battery when the power goes off. [sold separately]

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