How long is the warranty?
5 Years warranty after subscribing or 90 days by default

How long will the battery last when turned on?
Depends what light setting you have, any color besides cool white 24 hours, cool white cuts it in half.

Where Can I find the documentation for Indoor Grow Lights?
For our Documentation please click here. 

Where Can I find the documentation for PropTech Automation motion hub?
For our Documentation please click here. 

How long does the light stay on one it’s activated?
Our AI motion detection will keep light on as long in motion-detect mode (one blue light on) as long as there is movement, once moment has subsided for 55 seconds then it automatically turns off, in ON-Mode it remains on consistently. 

What size is the SMRT LED+ X6?
The Primary strip is 4ft”, consisting of 6-6 1/2” modules, you can expand to the X6E eXtenders for more Lumens for maximum growth potential. 

How many strings can be linked together?
There is no limit to how many “modules” can be connected, in theory on can build an infinitely long LED strip.

Are the batteries aa or aaa?
Neither, the battery is an internal 3200 mha 18650 LG battery. 

What are the lumens for each of the units?
1500 Lumens per module, over 10,000 Lumens/5795 PPFD/118 MMOL/s per 6 Pack strip rail.

Is there any way to adjust the duration of the light being on?
YES, that’s a parameter we will make available for the app, right now its motion-detect or on-mode.

Can I leave it plugged in?
Yes, its best to leave it plugged in so if the power goes out, it will recharge itself as the power is restored.

Where are these lights manufactured?
Made in USA, Silicon Valley California

How would you recharge the battery after you already stuck it to the cabinet?
Plug it into the 3 Amp USB Brick.

Could these work outside?
X6 is low voltage [17W] so you're safe from harm. {Device not recommended for exposed elements such as rain or snow unless installed within an enclosure exterior room.} 

Is the light bright enough for germination?
Absolutely, the brightness is 100% dimmable to the users preference. Reaching color temps of over 10,000 Kelvins. 

What is the mah rating for the battery for these lights?
3200 mah

Where can I also use the SMRT LED+ lights?

You can install and replace your old fluorescent lights in your garage or shop with the best energy-efficient lights to brings space to life with color vibrancy.